My Latvian Players Hockey Cards

Here you will find hockey cards and stickers with Latvian players! I sell, trade and collect hockey cards of all kind.

A short guide to the rare Finnish / Swedish hockey stickers / cards / and even collectible phone cards with Latvian players 

 (this site is rarely updated, as I don't have all the cards myself yet, latest update 18.5.2014) 

On this page you will find some information of the rare Finnish cards and even some Swedish hockey stickers. Below you will find information on Finnish Adbox Hockey-Box cards, Jääkiekkolehti promo cards, Concert Hall / Finnish Sportscasters, Jyväshyvä stickers, Finnish phone cards and other rare cards that include Latvian players.

Let's start with the old ones:


These two stickers of Helmuts Balderis are known as 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Stickers or sometimes as Swedish Hockey Stickers or Williams - Hockey 74/75.

The Hockeyskolan sticker #278 is not actually all about Balderis, it's a "Hockey School" sticker (=Hockeyskolan in Swedish), but because there is Balderis on the picture, I'd count it too. These two stickers are known as:

  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #75 Helmut Balderis
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Hockeyskolan Sticker #278 Helmut Balderis / Hockeyskolan.

Balderis is not the only Latvian / USSR player from the set, check the full checklist on the great Stefan's Card Collecting Page. Several other Latvian-born / USSR players are included, such as:

  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #67 Viktor Afonin
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #68 Juris Liberts
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #69 Igor Kobzev
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #70 Valerij Odintsov
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #71 Vjatjeslav Nazarov
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #72 Andris Hendelis
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #73 Alexander Sokolovskij
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #74 Michail Denisov
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #76 Vladimir Sorokin
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #77 Vladimir Sernjajev
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #78 Viktor Verizjnikov
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #79 Vladimir Markov
  • 1974-75 Swedish Williams Hockey Sticker #81 Edgar Rosenberg.

These stickers are rare and there is a great demand for old Swedish hockey stickers among collectors in Finland and Sweden.

The Finnish Sportscasters series was a huge cards set (about 3000 cards) from different sports. The hockey part of the set includes one Latvian player playing for the USSR (on the picture). This card is known as 1977-79 Finnish Sportscasters #47-1113 Helmut Balderis, but in Finland these cards are also known as Concert Hall Jääkiekkoilu cards. Concert Hall was a manufacturer of this A5 sized rounded corner card.

The Sportscasters cards were also produced in other countries, for instance the American version of Sportscasters does not include Balderis / Latvian players at all (check the great website for the US version: The Czech set has no Balderis either.


The 1982-83 Finnish Semic Jääkiekon MM-82 Sticker #70 of Helmuts Balderis. This set of hockey stickers was issued in both Sweden and Finland. There is no difference at all between the Swedish and the Finnish sets. The Swedish stickers are known as Swedish Semic Hockey VM-82. More information about the set and the full checklist can be found on Stefan's Card Collecting Page.


The extremely rare 1991-92 Jyväshyvä Hockey-Liiga Sticker #70 of Oleg Znarok. The Jyväshyvä stickers were produced by the Finnish baking company Jyväshyvä in the early 90's, when they started to sell hockey-themed chocolate bars. One sticker was included in every chocolate bar. A full checklist of the set can be found here.

These are very rare and almost never sold outside of Finland. On Beckett these are listed as Finnish Jyvas-Hyva Stickers.

One year later another young Latvian could be found in a chocolate bar. The 1992-93 Finnish Jyväshyvä Hockey-Liiga Sticker #197 of Vjaceslavs Fanduls. The full checklist is available again on the Stefan's Card Collecting Page.

Another very rare 1993-94 Finnish Jyväshyvä Hockey-Liiga sticker #353 of Latvian Vjaceslavs Fanduls. There are three players on the same sticker, including the Finnish iconic player Saku Koivu, therefore this sticker is also quite hard to get. Full checklist for this set set can be seen on Stefan's Card Collecting Page.


In the 90's several hockey themed phone cards series were issued in Finland. The hockey team TPS Turku was one of the most active on the market and luckily at that time the team had two young Latvian players playing for Vladimir Yurzinov. All in all, there were four phone cards with Latvians made, but in general these phone cards are hard to find outside of Finland. The full checklist for Finnish hockey phone cards can be found here. Usually the phone cards are known in Finnish only as Turun telelaitos Seesam-puhelinkortti, but there are also other name varieties. The full checklist for Latvians is:

  • 1994-95 Turun telelaitos Seesam-puhelinkortti #D125 Vjatcheslav Fandul
  • 1995-96 Turun telelaitos Seesam-puhelinkortti #11 Vjatsheslav Fandul
  • 1996-97 Turun puhelin Seesam-puhelinkortti #4 Karlis Skrastins
  • 1995-96 Turun telelaitos Seesam-puhelinkortti #8 Karlis Skrastins

Again, the TPS was not done with the phone cards, also a team set of postcards was issued. In this set Karlis Skrastins was included and this postcard-sized card is generally known as 1996-97 Finnish TPS Turku Postcards #6 Karlis Skartins. Or in Finnish: 1996-97 Sm-liiga TPS Postikortti #6 Karlis Skrastins. Not easy to find outside of Finland or in mint condition.


Cards from the Finnish Adbox Hockey-Box series, in Finland also known as Hockey-Box kuvasarjat. Several rare cards of Latvian players are included in these sets: Aleksandrs Kercs in the Tampere Tappara jersey, Vjaceslavs Fanduls, Aigars Cipruss and one rare card of Aleksandrs Macijevskis in the black Saipa Lappeenranta jersey. The Adbox cards are actually calendars and are square, but still very popular collectible items in Finland. The full checklist of Latvian players is:

  • 1997-98 Finnish Adbox Hockey-Box #12 Vjatjeslav Fandul (Pori Ässät)
  • 1997-98 Finnish Adbox Hockey-Box #7 Aleksandrs Kercs (Tampere Tappara)
  • 1997-98 Finnish Adbox Hockey-Box #3 Aigars Cipruss (Rauma Lukko)
  • 1997-98 Finnish Adbox Hockey-Box #2 Aleksandr Matsijevski (Saipa Lappeenranta)


In 1999 Finnish ice hockey magazine Jääkiekkolehti issued nine promo cards of hockey players. Luckily this very rare set includes two Latvian players: Aigars Cipruss and Leonids Tambijevs. These cards are generally known as 1999-2000 Jääkiekkolehden Mainoskortit #NNO and are very hard to find outside of Finland. The cards are not numbered, kind of facsimile signatures, and the backside is blank white.


The one and only signature card from Finland! Only 100 cards were produced, but unfortunately these cards are not serial numbered. However, easily the most expensive Finnish hockey card of a Latvian so far. The card is 2004-05 Finnish Cardset Signature #NNO Olegs Sorokins.

No jersey card of Latvian player has been made yet.

Quite many teams in Finland have issued playing cards, but as far as I know only two Latvian players have their own playing cards - Leonids Tambijevs and Slava Fandul. The Tambijevs' card was issued by Rauma Lukko and the card is known as 2008-09 Lukko Playing Cards #C-6 Leonids Tambijevs. Very rare.

 More cards and information is coming later! I am still missing these cards below:

  • Kärpät Postcard of Fandul
  • Pelicans Postcard of Cipruss
  • 1997-98 Ässät Vjatcheslav Fandul Pelikortti #Hertta Q